Welcome! Please read Campground terms and conditions and sign below. This will finalize your reservation. 

When making your reservation, ask us about “locking” your site to guarantee you will be on the same site upon check in. If not, your site may be changed. Before arrival- please look over your reservation and make sure your dates selected are correct for check in and check out times. This is very important as your site booked is more than likely to be booked for another guest the day you are checking out. Your check out date will also be on your car pass.

Check-in time for campsites is 2 pm and check out is 11 am. Check in for rentals is 3 pm and check out is 11 am.

Early Check in may be available for a $20.00 fee. Please check with the front office to make sure the site or rental unit is available before coming in early. We do site cleanup and grass cutting during check out and check in times. If you want to have a late check out, you will need to communicate this through the office to make sure it can be done. There is a $20 late check out fee.  DO NOT assume you can do a early check in or late check out. We CAN NOT do a late check out for sites that are booked back-to-back. 

*If you decide to have food delivered from outside of the park (door dash, pizza places, Grubhub) the delivery driver must check in with the ranger and you must meet them at the front of the office. 

We do not allow outside firewood to be brought into the park due to state regulations and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We have local firewood for purchase at the camp store for $7.00 a bundle.

Refunds and cancellations: Cancellation of daily or weekly reservations (sites or rentals) outside of 14 days prior to arrival will result in a fee of $10.00 Cancellation of daily or weekly reservations within 14 days of arrival will result in a fee of $60.00.

Cancellation of monthly or longer reservations (sites or rentals) outside 30 days of arrival will result in a fee of $10.00. Cancellation of monthly or longer reservations within 30 days of arrival will result in a fee of 15 nights plus a $10.00 administration fee.

Cancellation within (72 hours) of any reservation (site or rental) arrival day results in no refund. If ANY of your pre-paid money is moved to a “Camp Credit” to use for a future stay or in the camp store- this money will expire 1 year from the date the money was moved and is non transferrable. No exceptions. This money will not be able to be used for a future stay or in the camp store if it expires. Make sure to keep up with your dates and let us know in the office if you are using camp credit. Camp credits cannot be used online while making a reservation. 


Refunds and credits are PROHIBITED for weather conditions. Our resort is in the Mountains. It rains sometimes. We have all four seasons of weather.  Refunds and credits are PROHIBITED FOR EARLY DEPARTURE and acts of nature or eviction. 

All cancellation fees are per site or rental- not per reservation. If you book multiple sites or rentals under your name, you will be charged a fee for however many you reserve. 

Campsites and People: Campsites are designed to accommodate one RV at a time and one car at a time. We allow 6 people on campsites at a time. Additional people will be charged a fee and must come to the office and pay a fee as well as sign a waiver to be in the park.  All campers’ vehicles must be parked on their designated campsite. Not in other (open sites). YOU WILL BE CHARGED IF WE SEE YOU PARKING ON AN OPEN SITE AND NOT ON YOUR SITE. In booking, please remember that we do not have an overflow parking area. Some sites and most RENTAL CABINS will accommodate one car only-no trailers. Car, golf cart and motorcycle trailers must be registered in the office and must be able to fit on your site when you book. If you are not sure your vehicles will fit, please contact the office to ask.

Lost and Found: Please check your campsites or rental cabins entirely before you check out.  If you leave items in rental cabins or at campsites, Stonebridge is not obligated to mail your items to you. Stonebridge will hold your items in our office for 2 weeks to be picked up. If not picked up, then your items will be donated to a local charity. Food items will be disposed of immediately.

Pool Areas: No running or horseplay in the pools. You and everyone on your site is responsible for safety at the pool. Stonebridge will not be held liable for any accidents while in the pools. Please provide proper supervision of your children while in the Campground and pools. All children must be under direct supervision. Children 14 YEARS AND YOUNGER must have adult supervision while in the Pool Areas. Children will be asked to leave the pool areas if a parent is not with them. There is NO Lifeguard on Duty. Parents will be held responsible for the actions of minor children. State, county, and/or local laws take precedent if stricter than our policies. Pool rules are posted at pool areas, please follow all rules. 


Our Pool and splash park are seasonal and typically open May-Sept. Dates are determined by weather and may be adjusted. 

Quiet Time: Quiet time is from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Minors must be on their site and/or under direct adult supervision by 10:00 PM. Guests may be asked to leave if they are disorderly after hours. If you decide to sit around the campfire after hours, please be mindful of your noise level and neighbors. Do not cut through sites. It is very disrespectful and bad camping etiquette. 

Speed Limit/Vehicle Use: For everyone’s safety, the speed limit in the Campground is 5 MPH.   

Pets: NO vicious breeds or pets allowed.  Be a responsible pet owner!  We love our pets, but if your dog is a barker- please be respectful of your neighbors. Do not leave your pets unattended.  All pets must be kept on a fixed leash (no longer than 6′) and under the control of the pet owner at all times even in our rec field. We have an enclosed dog run for free running pets. Please clean up after your pets immediately. Pets must not be tied up outside. Guests are prohibited from having any pet run cables in the park.  

. Portable pet kennels, pens, or fencing will be restricted to 8′ X 11′ areas. Pets are not permitted in any public buildings, offices, camp stores or swimming areas. Owners are solely responsible for the actions of their pets. The Campground shall be held harmless and assumes no liability, implied or otherwise, for animal bites or injury. You, as a pet owner, specifically agree to carry your own insurance. 

Rentals and pets: We only allow pets in designated rental cabins. If you are unsure if a rental is pet friendly, please ask the front office. There is a $25 a night charge for pets. No exceptions. Our housekeepers work very hard to keep the cabins clean and free of pet hair. We also do all our laundry here on site. If you leave a rental unit damaged or in disarray because of pets, you will be charged a cleaning fee of $150.00. 

All RENTAL CABINS will accommodate one car only-no trailers unless you are on Chalets A20, A21 or A22.  Car, golf cart and motorcycle trailers must be registered in the office and must be able to fit on your site when you book. If you are not sure if it will fit, please contact the office to ask. All rentals are non-smoking. Trash must be taken out of the rental upon departure. We have several dumpsters located throughout the park. All dishes must be washed and placed back in cabinets. We ask that you place wet/dirty towels and wash clothes in the tub upon departure.  We do not go in and clean once you have checked in. If you need clean towels, you will need to bring dirty ones to the office and exchange them. Guests will be charged a cleaning fee for any unit left in a condition other than when you checked in. The charge will be determined by the condition of the unit. Guests will be charged for any missing or damaged items. Any renters and their guest must comply with all resort rules and regulations. We only allow pets in designated rentals. A pet fee will be charged. 

Visitors: Campers may have guests (people not registered) visit them if we are not at 100% capacity. Some holiday weekends or events weekends we are too full and will not allow extra visitors for the safety of our guests. Guests are required to abide by Campground Rules and Regulations. Campers are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Guests are NOT permitted to bring pets into the campground. It is the responsibility of the person on the reservation to come into the front office to register all guests. 

Site Requirements:  Your sewer hose must be sloped downward from your RV’s sewer connection to the campground sewer hookup to prevent any clogging or spillage on the ground. No outdoor rugs or any item (dog crates) that will kill grass is permitted on grass at any time. If you are on a standard creek site- you may have a rug. If grass is damaged- a $100 site repair fee will be added to your invoice. Please be conservative with “yard art” on your site. Our grass cutting days are Monday-Thursday. Canopies must be removed if you leave the resort for an extended amount of time. Stonebridge RV Resort will not be held responsible for any damage. 

Golf Carts: • All golf cart owners must have Proof of Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $50,000 (this can be easily added to your homeowners or RV insurance policy.)1. All operators of a golf cart must have in his/her possession a valid driver’s license. It is the golf cart owner’s responsibility to ensure that anyone without a valid driver’s license does not operate your golf cart. 2. Passengers are limited to the number of seats on the golf cart. 3. Golf carts need to have fully functional fixed headlights and taillights to be driven in the dark.4. Golf carts are to be always operated in a safe and reasonable manner.  Please always stay on Stonebridge roads and abide by all posted speed limits. Driving with open containers or under the influence is prohibited. Management reserves the right to revoke golf cart privileges. 5.  All golf carts must be maintained in good working order. Management reserves the right to refuse and /or revoke the registration of golf carts deemed unsafe. 6. No reckless driving will be allowed at any time. Charging golf carts is limited to your own site only. A $3.00 a day charge will be added to your account and your card on file will be charged if you bring a golf cart into the park.

Tree Policy: It is the policy of the campground to leave the Campground in its natural state whenever possible. If a wooded site is chosen, it is understood that the trees are part of the landscape and beauty of the area. Under no circumstance should you remove or trim any tree yourself or hire someone else to do it. 

Trash: Garbage is not picked up at individual campsites. Please do not dispose of hazardous materials or bulk items in trash containers located throughout the park. Do not bring trash from home or burn trash at your campsite. Trash cans at the bathhouses and pool are for loose trash only, not bagged trash. 

Creek Access: Swimming and access in the creek are at the visitor’s own risk. The campground will not be responsible for any loss, damage or any injury sustained by the visitor or guests while on the premises or in Jonathan Creek. Guests are asked not to move or throw rocks. Do not dam up or change the flow of the creek. Campground may offer aid; however, such an act is not admission of liability. Your signature on this form is for all guests staying at the site or rental unit with you. You are responsible for all guests at your site.

Car Passes: Car passes are issued to registered guests only. Car Passes must always be visible. Washing RV’s/Vehicles: Cars, truck and RVs cannot be washed in the campground at any time unless you are a seasonal camper. Washing days can be on Mon-Thurs only and a water usage fee will be applied. Clotheslines: For the safety of all campers, clotheslines are not permitted on sites. Third Party Vendors: No third-party vendors are allowed on property without prior approval from management. 

No offensive or political signs may be displayed at site or here at Stonebridge RV Resort. 

Improper Behavior: For the protection and benefit of all campers and guests, anyone who willfully or negligently destroys or defaces property of another camper or Campground property may be instructed to leave the Campground and may also be subject to civil action and/or criminal prosecution. Firearms, B.B. guns, bow and arrows, slingshots, air guns, or fireworks are not permitted on premises. 

Alcohol Policy: In keeping with the family environment, excessive use of alcoholic beverages is NOT tolerated. Providing alcohol to minors, consumption, and possession of alcohol by minors is NOT tolerated and is a violation of the Campground’s Rules and Regulations. Violators will be instructed to leave the Campground. 

Personal Mail: All packages must be addressed to the person accepting the package. Stonebridge will not be held liable for lost packages or mail. Mail will be delivered to the office and can only be picked up during business hours. 

Bicycle, Scooters etc. *Other than registered golf carts and mobility products used for disability and medical conditions, no boats, powered mini-bikes, ATV’s, electric scooters, mopeds, or other battery or gasoline powered vehicles (including children’s ride-on toys) are allowed in the Campground *For the safety of all our younger guests- all bicyclists and push scooter riders 16 and younger must wear a helmet when riding. No riding at the entrance and exit of the park. The lights must be on bicycles after dusk. Anyone caught violating these rules may face confiscation of their bicycle and revoked riding privileges. No Hoverboards or any motorized children’s ride on toys are permitted in the park. 


Stonebridge RV Resort and its owners takes no responsibility for any injury that happens here at the resort to yourself, your vehicles, personal belongings, your guests visiting you or to your RV. Stonebridge is not liable for any damage, theft or injury to person or property occurring within the premises or for damage by lightning, electrical surges, or any act of nature; therefore, campers should maintain their own personal property and liability insurance. In keeping with the scenic nature of the mountains, some sites may not be fully level, have roots above ground, large boulders, and low hanging tree limbs, (etc.) Pool areas, amenities of the park, the playground, and activities of the park at your own risk.  Stonebridge RV Resort will not be held liable for any accidents. I am aware that all activities entail risks of injury or death to any participant. 

I have carefully read, clearly understood, and accept the terms and conditions stated herein and acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon myself, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate and all members of my family, including minor children as well as anyone who visits myself or is associated at my site here in the park. 

Notice: Stonebridge RV Resort property is under video and audio surveillance 24 hours a day. 

COVID POLICY: By attending the functions and using the facilities of Stonebridge RV Resort and Stonebridge Campgrounds, you and any of your guests, voluntarily assume all risk related to exposure to COVID-19 and you also agree not to hold Stonebridge RV Resort, Stonebridge campgrounds and/or Zambito Enterprises, Inc. or any of its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, and volunteers liable for any illness or injury. You acknowledge that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place or private place of business whenever people are present. 


I hereby irrevocably grant Stonebridge RV Resort permission to use my likeness in photographs and/or other audiovisual materials in all publications, including website entries and printed materials, including right to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute this photo for all lawful purposes, without payment or other consideration.  In addition, I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein my likeness appears, and I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to use of the image.  I understand and agree that these materials will become property of Stonebridge RV Resort.  Pictures will mainly be used on Facebook, Website, etc.

Guests must sign to stay in the Resort. Signature is for all guests staying on site as well as any visitors that may come into the resort. Signature confirms that guests and children understand and have read all the above and will follow all the rules of the resort. Parent or Guardian is signing for minor children as well.

Guests may be asked to leave the park if you do not adhere to the rules stated above. 

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